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Many people across Ottawa need junk removal help each year. Whether it’s a result of doing a basement clean-out, replacing old appliances, or even from a commercial clean-up, there are so many ways that a junk removal company can be of service.  Comparing the products and services from one business to the next is a crucial, yet lengthy, process that most of us simply don’t have the time for.  So in our effort to save you from hours of mind-wrenching investigations, we’ve compiled a quick and honest list of what distinguishes Capital Junk from the rest in the junk removal industry.

Capital Junk is…

  • Locally owned and operated.  Unlike our franchised competitors, Capital Junk opened its doors here in Ottawa and has remained servicing our community that we are proud to be a part of and support. This also means Capital Junk is not required to meet national pricing standards.  Determining our own pricing according to Ottawa’s market truly translates into flexibility in our quotes and lower costs overall.
  • Non-commissioned.  Our team of highly qualified junk removal experts is praised for helping customers regain their space efficiently; we are not required to meet sales goals, rather to ensure the customer has the best experience possible.
  • Equipped with LARGER trucks.  Capital Junk’s trucks are 20% larger than the industry’s standard size and our competitors.  Need we say more?
  • Green.  Not only do we operate Ottawa’s First Carbon Neutral Fleet, Capital Junk organizes and participates in several environmental initiatives every year.  Additionally, our daily effort to recycle or donate the items we remove prevents 70% of your junk from piling up in local landfills.
  • Surprise-free.  It may be a classic company cliché, but Capital Junk takes pride in truly promising no hidden fees.  Regardless of the type of junk you would like to have us remove, whether it’s a mattress, e-waste or old books, our pricing is strictly based on volume.  Plus HST.

We hope this list has answered all of your questions and minimized your shopping for reliable full-service junk removal and bin rentals!  Should you have any further inquiries, please visit our website at, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or call us directly at 613-825-0707.

Let Us Take Your Junk Away!