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One of the best parts of working for a full service junk removal company is all the fun stuff we get to see come through the office.  It’s been awhile since we have done this and the items are collecting around the office so I thought I would let everyone in on a few more of the items we have picked up on the full service junk removals.

Just last week, I had the opportunity to get out on the trucks and help the teams out with a full service removal and I am so grateful I did.  The customer was clearing out a family member’s home that had been a part of a travelling carnival for over 25 years and had accumulated a lifetime worth of memorabilia including cotton candy machines and enough   sugar floss to feed the city of Ottawa.  Old carnival games like bean toss and target shots were a dime a dozen, and my favorite boxes upon boxes upon boxes of blow up figurines including Strawberry Shortcake, reindeer, Santa, The Hulk and our good friend Spiderman, whom has become a permanent fixture in our office!

As much as I thought this guy was a very neat find, he has remained in his original box, a little creepy if you ask me.  He is a Vintage Musical Jolly Chimp from the 1960’s, although he does not have batteries I have seen a couple of YouTube videos and he happily claps his hands and taps his feet.  Would you be happy to open this on Christmas morning?

Lastly just today one of the teams brought in five very old Union Pacific Toy Trains.  These are just the neatest toys with all their working parts and turning wheels, they are an exact replica of what the train would have looked like years ago.  I am sure these trains gave hours of entertainment to a very lucky little boy or girl and I will be sure that it continues to be a cherished possession for another little boy or girl!

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