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Don’t let the bed bugs bite is something that people have been saying for decades, but did you know that the story is true. Bed bugs do exist, and they can be a disaster. They are flat reddish brown parasites that¬†feed on human blood; they are referred to bed bugs since they prefer to live in beds or any other area where people sleep. Bed bugs can be a problem, but there are a lot of ways that you can eliminate them, and be able to sleep in peace.

When a person gets bitten by a bed bug, they break out in a red rash. Some people who get bitten by a bed bug complain of itching and burning that usually lasts anywhere from one to three days. However, the symptoms can vary because some people get bit by a bed bug and don’t even know it, while other people have harsher symptoms that require them to seek out medical treatment.

Where do bed bugs come from? This is a difficult question to answer because bed bugs are found in every country all over the world. The answer is that people really do not know exactly where bed bugs come from, but the important thing is that they need the warmth of human beings to feed off of. Everyone has bed bugs in their home; but what is the procedure of eliminating them? Here is a list of the most common and effective ways these pesky parasites.

Rubbing alcohol

Did you know that rubbing alcohol is a fast way to remove them? Get yourself a spray bottle, pour some rubbing alcohol in it, and spray your sheets and mattresses with it. If you find bed bugs eggs, get a scrub brush and the alcohol to remove the parasites. Rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs and will prevent them from coming back.


If you don’t want to use rubbing alcohol, then you have the option of using steam. Any steamer whether it is for clothes or for floors can also not only kill bed bugs and their eggs, but also sterilize your bed as well.

Repair cracks in your walls

Bed bugs love cracks in the wall plaster; they use such cracks to build their nest. If you repair holes in your walls, you will kill their nests and keep them out of your house.

Clean your house and call the exterminator

Give you house a good cleaning including vacuuming your carpet, and steam cleaning your bed. After you clean everything and wash all of your linen in hot water, get the phone book and call a professional to come spray your home.

Bed bugs are parasites that live in your bed. They can be a serious problem, especially if you are allergic to their bites. The best way to prevent getting bitten is to keep your home clean, and repair any holes you find in the walls of your home. If you are still worried about bed bugs, all you need to do is call a professional to spray your home, so then you really can sleep tight with no bed bug bites!