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Do you ever notice how much ‘stuff’ you actually have? It’s crazy how we don’t notice until we need to decide whether to keep it or not. Whether you’re cleaning your kids’ dorm rooms or removing materials for a big move, there are services to help you dispose of your materials in an eco-friendly manner. Being a green advocate is simpler than you think.


Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rentals are yes, exactly what it sounds like. Basically you order a bin, decide the size and date, and then put all your waste in it. Dumpster rentals are a fast and easy way to dispose of renovation debris, household items, and pretty much anything you can think of. Considering the price, dumpster rentals tend to charge a flat rental rate.

Choose your dumpster rentals wisely! Some companies that provide dumpster rentals are great because they will sort, salvage, and recycle your junk for you.

Junk Removal

Let’s say you are too busy to discard the junk yourself. There are also junk removal services that remove your rubbish for you. Once again, eco-friendly companies will salvage your junk to local charities or recycle it. After arranging the date, a clean-cut friendly team will clear out your space for you. Cheers for hassle-free cleaning!

Appliance Removal

Before disposing your appliances, consider that there are a number of hazardous chemicals found in them. Yikes. This is why the City of Ottawa no longer accepts large appliances as curbside waste. Good news, appliances also contain a lot of recyclable material that can be reused if sorted properly. This is why proper appliance removal can also make the community more sustainable.

Appliance removal doesn’t have to be a complicated. You can find licensed dealers on the city’s website that offer appliance removal services. These facilities will ensure that all harmful chemicals are properly removed and components are properly recycled. Try researching a bit, some places offer reduced rates on appliance removal for their customers.

Furniture Removal

Don’t fret about furnishing either; there are disposal services that clear out unwanted furniture. Although furniture can be left on the curb, try contacting one of the furniture removal facilities on the city’s website. A green company will donate salvable pieces to local charities or transport them to a recycling facility. You will be helping not just the environment, but also the local community.