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An office is more than just a place of business. Over the course of time, an office becomes a place next to home, a home away from home. It is where we actually spend most of our time, and in some cases more time than we spend at our home.

Now, it happens quite often that the location of our office shifts to another address. Businesses move for many compelling reasons: to be located in a more central location, to have more square footage, or to save money on rent each month.

Moving offices can be an exciting opportunity, but it also comes with a lot of hassle. Who wants to worry about lugging office equipment, furniture, and documents to a new location? It’s surprising the amount of junk that can gather in an office, especially if you’ve been there for a long time. Old products, dusty documents, broken computers, stained carpets, worn furniture…you don’t want to take any of this with you. Fortunately, Ottawa’s favourite junk removal company Capital Junk is here to help.

Proper Planning

First of all, we need to consider the location of our new office. Moving across the hall in the same building is very different from moving across town, or to a different city altogether. Come up with a plan in advance so nothing is left to chance on the big day. Call your moving company and book your junk removal service well beforehand, and try to pack all but your “daily use” objects in advance.

Professional Movers

Professional packers and movers can save a lot of hassle when it comes to moving. You have enough on your plate already. Packing files, documents, office furniture, and computers can be quite a pain if not handled in an organized way.

Detailed Inventory

Another good idea that eventually will go a long way when it comes to moving office locations is creating a detailed inventory list of each and every single item in the office. We’re talking everything – kitchen utensils, stationery, office furniture, computers, and everything else that will be moved to the new office location. It is equally important to write a list of what won’t be coming along, so you can put it aside for the junk removal company.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

While creating inventory, another recommended idea is to hire a junk removal or office garbage removal company like Capital Junk so that you can rid of any extra furniture, appliances, machines, electronic items, papers, files, etc. while moving. They’ll haul your junk away with ease so you can get a fresh start in your new office.

With proper organization and help from the professionals, you’ll make a smooth transition to your new office location in no time.

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