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Our workspaces are our home away from home. Whether you are a public servant, work for a start-up, or run your own business, you probably spend more time in your office than in your own bed! We make our workspaces our own by keeping stuff, decorating, and generally making a mess out of our office desks, whether they’re in an office building or in a special room in our house. If you’re a workaholic, then you know what it’s like to spend your days practically living in front of your desk, and that means eating there, drinking your morning coffee there, and keeping little knickknacks in a drawer or crevice every once in a while. In fact, open your desk drawer right now and I bet there’s a world of surprises. Useless paperwork? An old cellphone? A broken keyboard? That’s just the start.

Through time, however, our desks can become a lot more cluttered than they were when we started out – that’s just how it works. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep it that way. If you’ve recently realized that your desk needs a little spring cleaning even though it’s December, then this helpful list will be sure to get you started.

Re-Evaluate Your Stuff

It’s definitely difficult to let things go, no matter how senseless or useless they might be. That’s basically how the mind works – it doesn’t matter what it is you own, all that matters is that you own it and you want to keep it that way. But keeping all your stuff and refusing to throw things away might lead to your desk not getting cleaned out at all. Try to look at each item and think about how it was useful to you – if it’s still something you reach for, then keep it. If not, it’s probably best to just throw it away (or find it a new owner).

Get Organized

Once you’ve sorted out all your things, it’s time to find places for them. You’ll find that some of your belongings get used much more often than the others, so that might give you a clue as to where you should place them. Frequently used items, like a stapler, tape, pens, and paper clips, should be kept within arm’s reach. Items that you’re not as likely to use on a daily basis, like dictionaries, old files, and your trusty stock of office supplies, should be kept in drawers or shelves to clear up some desk space.

Get Rid Of Garbage

Now that your desk is free of anything that non-essential, it’s time to get rid of all that stuff. Some of it might be worth giving away, others can probably be sold, but for the items that are bigger, bulkier, and much heavier to deal with, like old furniture, big books, and other larger items, should be dealt with via a professional junk removal company. Just schedule an appointment and we’ll be happy to come to your office and haul it all away. Whether it’s old electronics (computers, fax machines, scanners, printers), junky furniture (desks, chairs, bookcases, filing cabinets), or miscellaneous items (lamps, old carpet, the old coffee maker), we’ll carry it all away for safe and eco-conscious recycling, donation, or disposal.

When you need office junk removal in Ottawa, Capital Junk is just a phone call away.

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