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With all the pollution generated in the past few centuries our world has become something of a toxic place to live, unfortunately. The irresponsible habits we’ve developed have taken a significant toll on the environment we live in, making it harder and harder for not only humans, but also other animal and plant species, to thrive and survive. This 2016, it’s time we adapt more environmentally conscious habits and practices to help save our planet from further damage and destruction. While a lot of people assume that being eco-friendly is an impossible challenge, it’s actually a lot easier than we think. If you want to be more environmentally friendly this New Year, then follow these four simple tips.


Recycling is defined as reusing old items like bottles, jars, and containers as they were originally intended to be used. Upcycling on the other hand brings a creative twist to the practice of recycling. Release your creativity and help the environment at the same time – find old, used items and turn them into completely new purposeful stuff to be used around your home. Turn a bottle into a pretty desk lamp, use broken glass to decorate your garden pots, or turn papers and old documents into an attractive papier-mâché centerpiece. It’s all really up to you.

Find Other Ways to Get Around

While using your own car can be a great convenience, it can also be a great big burden on the shoulders of Mother Nature. If you’re driving to the local store to just pick up a few things or you’re just heading out for a few hours to meet with some friends, consider taking public transport, walking, or biking to save up on carbon emissions. You can even request to join a carpool on your way to work to save up on cash and save the environment at the same time.

Donate to Food Kitchens

Throwing out food is one of the most irresponsible habits we can have. Not only is it a waste of precious resources, it’s also a waste of perfectly good nutrition that a lot of people don’t even have access to. Consider donating food to soup kitchens or charities, or just give it out to people who might need it more.

Carry a Water Bottle

One of the main pollutants we can find in the ocean is plastic bottles. To help save our precious water inhabitants from the dangers these pollutants, we should make it a point to carry our
own reusable water bottle wherever we go. That means we can avoid buying and consequently throwing out plastic bottles when we don’t need them anymore.

Another way to be more environmentally friendly is to choose an eco-conscious junk removal service in Ottawa. At Capital Junk, we recycle and donate up to 70% of our loads, keeping as many items as we can out of city landfills. We donate materials to charities like Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army. Green initiatives are very important to us. When everyone does their part, together we can make the world a better place!