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Environmentally conscious homeowners are becoming more and more enlightened about the benefits of recycling. But when you’re the only one in a household who cares about making a difference, a large percentage of potentially recyclable materials could be going to the wrong bins because of careless kids. Don’t keep the habit to yourself and get your kids to join in on the recycling for a happy, healthy, and helpful household!

Discuss Recycling

One of the reasons why kids seem to care less about recycling is because they don’t actually know what it’s for and why it’s important. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your kids understand the benefits of recycling and the potential dangers of failing to observe it. What does garbage do to our planet? On the positive side, what amazing things can be made out of recycled materials? Show them how it’s done, why it’s essential, and how your household can make a big difference just by pitching in.

Get Crafty

The best way to get your child to become more passionate and conscious about recycling is to engage them in crafts. When a bottle, box, or any other recyclable material makes its way through your house, encourage your kids to create something new out of it. Plan out arts and crafts activities that make use of recyclable items, and help them develop their creativity and passion for recycling with a bunch of fun art projects.

Learn About Recycling in Your City

What happens to an empty can of pop or pizza box when you throw it in the garbage versus when you recycle it? Tour around your city to understand where waste goes. If you haven’t already, consider starting a compost bin in your backyard and using the compost for gardening. If your kids are interested in learning about junk removal, you can always give us a call to set up a visit to the Capital Junk facilities – kids always love to see the trucks!

Toy Swap

Instead of throwing out their old toys, encourage your kids to participate in toy swaps. Tell them to clear out their room of the toys that they don’t like anymore and bring them to a local toy swap meet. Here they can meet kids of all ages with toys that they might be interested in swapping their items for. Not only is it a great social exercise, but it’s also an ideal way to get rid of old toys without making a waste out of them.
Children are the future, and we must all do our parts in helping to raise a new generation that is passionate about recycling and making the world a better place. At Capital Junk, we are passionate about helping our planet by recycling or donating every possible item from our loads.

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