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For some lucky people, keeping your home organized is like a naturally born talent. But for many others, organizing your home can be as mystifying as Algebra was back in high school – you have no clue where to even begin. Well, don’t fret. All you need is a few inspiring ways that will encourage you to place things in their rightful place and keep them there. If getting organized is on your to-do list, use these five tips to help you achieve that goal and maintain it.

Those Pesky Odds and Ends

When it comes to those odds and ends that simply don’t have a specific home other than a junk drawer, use smaller trays or containers that will at least make some sense for those miscellaneous items.

You can also buy a few decorative baskets with different colours to give some order to the somewhat “unorganizable” bits and pieces that you have lying around your home.

Use Labels

Labels are the key to keeping everything in its rightful place. From your children’s toys to your holiday decorations to camping equipment – make a label for each bin, and make it detailed. Once you’ve done that, place the bins with labelled objects that are in similar categories in the same vicinity.

So if it’s your winter clothes, hats and scarves, find a shelf that you can place those baskets together. For hair accessories, makeup and other beauty products, store them together in the bathroom or bedroom, depending on your space.

Make a Schedule for Reorganizing

One of the best ways for staying on top of clutter and maintaining that organized home of yours to schedule time for reorganizing. If it’s on your calendar, it’s a lot harder to procrastinate in favour of other things. Choose one day a week where you set aside time to reorganize one area of the home. It doesn’t have to take long, all you need to do is perform a general sweep of the room, and sift through the areas that might need a few touches of reorganizing. This way, junk won’t accumulate and you’ll be more prone to put things away properly to begin with to save yourself time on cleaning day.

Organizing your home isn’t an impossible feat. It simply takes a bit of time, patience and whole lot of persistence. But once you nail down the foundation of it, it can be simple to maintain. Start with these simple steps and you’ll have the organization code demystified in no time.

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