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Before the woes of winter set in, giving your home a good decluttering can surprisingly work wonders. Not only will it make your home clean and tidy, but it will also keep your state of mind clear and focused. Before the temperatures drop and those days begin to shorten, roll up your sleeves and get to it. If you have no clue where to start, here are four essential areas to focus on for decluttering.

Your Closet

You look at it every single day, and believe it or not, it can affect your mood each time you peer into a cluttered, disorganized closet trying to figure out what to wear. So start by eliminating old clothes and ones that you haven’t worn in the last year – be strict with yourself. If you truly can’t decide, one handy trick is to flip the hanger the first time you wear a piece of clothing. If, after a period of months, some hangers still rest in the original position, those are clearly not clothes that you wear. Say goodbye! Once you’ve filled up a few bags for donations, go through what clothes you’re keeping and arrange them in a way the makes sense to you. The psychological boost of an ordered, arranged closet does wonders!

Your Basement

The basement is an area that is probably most susceptible to clutter and mess. It’s where we keep old sports equipment, busted furniture, old cans of paint, dusty old book – the list goes on. Think of all the other uses your basement could have besides junk storage: home theatre, guest bedroom, home office, kids’ playroom…keep this aspiration in mind while decluttering. Keep items that still have use and sentimental value, but call a junk removal company to hire the rest away so you can reclaim your space.

Your Office

Whether it’s an at-home office, a nook of your living room where you’re most productive, or your actual office at work – sift through any piles, drawers, or filing cabinets and start throwing away what you can. The space where you get stuff done is important to keep organized and clutter-free so that you can optimize both your mental and physical space.

Your Garage

Before those temperatures drop and that latch on your garage door freezes shut, use this time to get rid of those old scraps of wood, broken-down lawn mowers that you’ll never fix, or those rusty bikes you never ride. Since the garage is a place that’s generally out of sight, it’s a perfect target for junk to accumulate. So keep on top it.

Dejunking your home and living areas before the wintertime can give you clarity, peace of mind and – of course – more room. As the summer dwindles down, there’s no better time to dive into a few cluttered spots and remove any excess mess. Always start by focusing on one room at a time and place a priority on the areas that you use every single day.

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