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Runway For Hope 2017

This past Sunday, Ottawa was treated to the semi-annual Runway For Hope show at the spacious Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park. The focus of the show is to promote the Ottawa fashion scene by showcasing local designers and local clothing boutique. Additionally, Runway For Hope showcases Ottawa’s talented models, hair stylists and makeup artists in an outstanding collaboration of local creativity. It’s not an event you want to miss and if you did, like Runway For Hope on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

Runway for Hope Vasto Boutique

Ottawa’s trendiest kids.

Some of our staff attended the event on Sunday night. Out of all the designers showing, our team’s top pick were Vasto Boutique and Growing Kids. These kids left us feeling inspired by the way they bravely strutted their stuff in front of a packed crowd. Heads held high, Ottawa’s trendiest kids lit up the runway with their confidence and trend-setting attire.

Two of Ottawa’s most popular children’s boutiques presented us with their newest collections. Vatso Boutique, located on 225 Preston Street, is a family owned business specialising in children’s formal wear. The adorable models rocked the runway, waving to the audience as they bravely took the stage.

Growing Kids has a large selection ranging from school uniforms, junior grad outfits, to special occasion dresses. Currently they have two locations conveniently located at Place d’Orleans and Billings Bridge Shopping Centre. This year they presented a large variety of outfits and styles, providing the audience options for all occasions.

Runway for Hope Vasto Boutique

Proceeds benefiting CHEO.

All proceeds from this year’s Runway for Hope go directly towards CHEO. We are extremely lucky to have CHEO located within our city. They provide beyond-exceptional pediatrics care through their team of highly dedicated staff. Every individual in Ottawa has a story about how CHEO has positively affected either themselves, or a loved one. Fundraisers such as Runway For Hope, supply funding to help maintain the amazing miracles CHEO performs everyday.

Our hearts ached at the sight of the adorably tiny models. Very special thanks to CHEO and the community as a whole, for the teamwork we saw tonight at the Horticulture Building. Simply, wow!

If you would like to donate or volunteer with CHEO, information can be found at :

Runway for Hope Growing Kids

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