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When the day finally arrives when you can no longer stand to look at the mess of accumulated junk that’s cooped up in your garage, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and call Capital Junk for some help. Cleaning out the garage is no small task. It’s the kind of job that might even require more than a few days. And between the old bikes, tools, and random memorabilia stored away from your glory days – a good junk removal system is essential.

Before you dive head first into that garage, here’s how Capital Junk can make that clean out a whole lot easier.

We Provide an Easy Method to Toss Items

The garage is often the mystery spot of the home where you could play a game of “I Spy” and have no idea what you’d find inside. It’s the place that houses anything and everything, including many bulky and awkward items that aren’t so easy to dispose of.

Is your garage or shed jam packed with items such old furniture, beat up bikes, and garden tools that are too rusted to function? Rather than having to make several trips to the dump yourself, Capital Junk can provide a bin so that you don’t have to waste your time. Just book an appointment and our clean-up crews will come carry it out of the garage. If you’ve got a longer-term clean-up project in mind, you can book a bin rental. Once it’s filled, we’ll come pick it up so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We Take Care of Recycling for You

In this day and age, just because something is deemed as “garbage” doesn’t mean it should necessarily end up in a landfill. Instead of struggling to determine what should be recycled and what shouldn’t, Capital Junk will take care of that process for you as well. There’s no need to fumble with your items and feel guilty about throwing them away. We will sort through and donate or recycle everything we can.

We Haul It Away for You

Aside from taking care of recycled items, when everything is sorted and set, we will come and haul it all away for you. After that grueling process of sorting through your life’s worth of accumulated stuff, you can finally sit back without worry about transporting them elsewhere.

Taking on the immense task of cleaning out your garage is one that no person should take on alone. And that’s why we at Capital Junk are here to provide help. We know how grueling the dejunking process can be, so before you dive into cleaning, give us a call to help!