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Everyone accumulates unnecessary items over time. At Capital Junk, we pride ourselves on donating what we can so that those in need can benefit. Of course, there are ways you can find new homes for what you don’t want anymore. Whether you’re moving, downsizing, decluttering, or simply want to pare down, here are a few ways to donate and give back to the community. Bear in mind that needs are constantly changing, and demand for specific items can fluctuate as a result.

Thrift Stores

A source of joy and economic relief to many, thrift stores are great places to bring donations. Ottawa is home to countless second-hand stores including Value Village, St. Vincent de Paul, and Salvation Army. These locations are more than willing to accept your unneeded belongings to find new life in another home. These high-traffic shops are always in need of more items, and everything from clothing to used electronics to furniture, silverware, and books are welcome.

Missions and Shelters

To bypass the reselling process and simply get items into the hands of those in the direst of need, local homeless shelters or missions are absolutely the best places to donate gently used items. Ottawa’s downtown area contains several places of refuge for those facing hard times, including the Shepherds of Good Hope, The Ottawa Mission, and the Salvation Army Booth Centre. Donations from our clients help keep those in need safe and warm, especially during Ottawa’s harsh winter months. The most in-need items include gently used men’s spring coats, jeans, shorts, and steel-toed work boots. We are also able to arrange the donation of appliances, furniture, and other larger items that most facilities are unable to accept from individuals.


For that forgotten pile of children’s books or novels, we can donate to the local public library. DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, and textbooks are also accepted. Donated items in gently used condition raise funds to support Ottawa’s library system (which earns $250,000 in donations annually).

Capital Junk also donates items to the Ottawa Tool Library, a new initiative that lends out tools for repair/maintenance projects, DIY tasks, and crafting. From hand tools and power tools to garden tools and kitchen tools, we donate what we can to support this community initiative.

Consulting with Capital Junk is an easy way to get rid of unwanted items, and we also donate back to the community, but sometimes taking a more personal approach and donating on your own can serve as a valuable source of inspiration and pride. You’ll find no shortage of places who will welcome you — and your unneeded items — with open arms.

At Capital Junk, we don’t just haul junk to landfills. We take every measure we can to find new, loving homes for your unneeded items whenever possible. Whether it is donating to help those in need at a local thrift store, giving much-needed comfort to missions and shelters, or helping to fill library shelves, we go that extra mile to give your items a second life.

We will remove your unwanted items and take strides to donate or give away what we can  – book an appointment today!