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Whether you’ve chosen to downsize because the clutter is driving you crazy, or you’re
moving into a smaller home after a milestone has passed, downsizing is something that
people of all ages and lifestyles do. There’s a big challenge when it comes to deciding
what you should do with all your possessions, however. These are our top tips for
downsizing in Ottawa.

Give Everything a Purpose – or Two!

One of the key factors of downsizing is that now you no longer have the space for things
that you used to have around “just because”. In your new home, everything must have a
purpose. If it doesn’t have a purpose, consider whether or not you can afford to sacrifice
the space. If you want to have space for a few items that are loved, but have no real
purpose, then you’ll have to take a harder look at your other items. Consider
multipurpose items as being at the top of the “keep” list. For example, ottomans with
storage that double as side tables and an extra seat when needed, are much better
options than an extra chair, a storage chest, and a side table.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality is going to be of the utmost importance when you are downsizing. Now that you
only have one sofa, for example, it will get twice the amount of use (or more)! That
means it may wear out faster, unless you’ve chosen something of very high quality. If
faced with the dilemma of choosing between two of the same item, always choose the
one of better quality. Those large items such as furniture, appliances, and so on, can be
removed by Capital Junk – so never worry about dragging along things that don’t

Donations Are More Than Just an Easy Fix

One important way to help yourself let go of things you may have attachments to, is to
consider donations. This is more than just an easy way to get rid of items. It truly helps
someone else in need, and that can be a great way to convince yourself to say
goodbye. At Capital Junk, we sort through every truck load of removed items to find
anything that can be donated. This helps reduce waste and helps those who are in need
– a win for everyone involved. You don’t even have to go through the trouble of finding
an organization to donate to, or sorting your items for donation. We take care of

Make It Unavoidable

If you’re truly wanting to downsize but you’ve been unable to commit so far, why not
make it impossible to stay in your current lifestyle? Committing yourself to a tiny house,
or at least a very small apartment, is a great way to force the issue. You won’t be able
to hang on to things because they literally won’t fit in your new place. This isn’t a way to
scare yourself into panicking about your new lifestyle, but rather a very big push if
you’re wanting to reduce your living costs, and live a more minimal lifestyle.

Get Help from the Pros

One reason that many people struggle to downsize is that they can’t find a way to get
rid of certain items. Appliances often must be discarded in a specific way to meet
environmental protection laws, and if you aren’t aware of how to go about following
them, you may think it’s easier to simply keep the appliance you don’t really need. At
Captain Junk in Ottawa, we can provide you with the expertise you need. Use our
simple four-step booking process to get started!