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Whether it’s a parent, an uncle, or your best friend, when there’s someone you care about who’s suffering from a hoarding disorder, it can leave you in a tough and overwhelming position. On the one hand, you want to dig in and help them reclaim control of their life again, and on the other, it may be far too much for you to take on alone. When clutter reaches an extreme point, it can become unsafe and unsanitary. That’s when you need a professional cleanup service to help. At Capital Junk, our team is always compassionate and considerate when it comes to handling and disposing of unwanted items. We take our work seriously and care about helping our customers reclaim control of their space – always without judgement. So if you have a loved one who’s been hoarding, allow us to help!

Complete Junk Removal Service

At Capital Junk, we’re up to any challenge. We are a full junk removal service, meaning whatever you need to be disposed of, we can take care of. We understand that each and every client differs in regards to their needs, which is why we always tailor our strategy to be most effective and considerate according to every individual situation.

Professional, Respectful Employees

Our team is thoroughly trained to deliver the level of service that we would expect for our family. Disposing of personal, sentimental items can be difficult, especially for a someone who feels strong emotional attachments to the possessions in their home. That’s why we always handle this process with the utmost level of care and respect. You can also rely on our friendly team to arrive on time, ready to haul, and even equipped to sweep up after they’ve completed the task.

Safe Disposal, Recycling, and Donations

Removing junk doesn’t mean it merely gets discarded and tossed in the dump. We meticulously sort through items with a 3-step approach. Any appropriate objects and materials will be donated to local charities, and anything that can’t be donated will be properly recycled or disposed of. This includes the safe and certified destruction of sensitive items like your hard drives and circuit boards.

At Capital Junk, we take our work seriously, and we understand that certain circumstances can require an extra level of diligence and care when discarding personal items. If you’re searching for a way to help a someone with a hoarding tendency reclaim their property, give us a call. Our staff will be glad to assist you and answer any question you have.

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