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Got a pile of outdoor waste that needs to be removed before the messy weather arrives? When you need you need to dispose of your outdoor waste before winter, give us a call at Capital Junk to help! Learn more about how you can dispose of waste during this time of the year.

Scheduled City Pickup

Most municipalities will come and pick up outdoor waste, or they’ll have designated places for drop off. Check with your local municipality for the scheduled city pickup dates and the appropriate bylaws to avoid fines. In Ottawa, for instance, yard waste must be placed in compostable paper yard waste bags and be no heavier than 33 lb. There are also regulations regarding the size of the branches and how they must be tied. Any material or tree cuttings over 10cm in diameter, rocks, sod, logs or stumps cannot be placed in the regular garbage and will need to be disposed of in another manner.

Drop it off at the Dump

If you have a truck, you could also haul your debris to your local dump. However, it’s important to call and check around as not all locations allow leaf and yard waste to be dropped off. And, if you do leave it there, it could be considered illegal dumping which can land you with a hefty fine. Some may also require a fee per load or weight.

Call us at Capital Junk

Sometimes it just makes sense to hire someone else to come and help remove your outdoor yard waste or sod for you. At Capital Junk, we’re more than happy to come and do all the sorting and heavy lifting for you! All you need to do is call us, and we’ll send our team out to quote your load, and then we’ll load it on our truck and take it away for you. It’s as easy as that.

At Capital Junk, we will take care of any of your yard waste removal in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. We’ll haul away any branches, leaves, stumps, and other yard waste you’ve accumulated over the summer so that you don’t have to. We’ll ensure it’s disposed of properly and that it avoids being dumped into a landfill. To learn more about how we can tidy up your yard, call us today!