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Dirt Soils and Rock Removal

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Dirt Soils and Rock Removal

Yes we remove dirt soil and rock from anywhere on your property. So if you have just dug a big hole for a new garden or removing some dirt to install a new deck we can quickly and remove your unwanted material

The heavy weight and the extra of the work involved and the weight of dirt rock we charge bed load pricing

Bed Load Pricing

  • Bed Load is when the items to be hauled away are heavy. Things like stone, concrete, sand, dirt, tile and plaster.
  • We only stack the items 1ft high because of the extreme weight of these items.

Our Customers Love Our Ottawa Junk Removal Services

I have used Capital Junk twice in the last year and a half. Both times they were on time, professional and easy to work with. I called them Saturday in hopes for a Monday (Labor Day) pick up and was completely surprised they could do it!! I highly recommend their service and will definitely use them again in the future!

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Fantastic Service . Guys showed up and did amazing job! . They were polite and professional. I would recommend to my friends in a heart beat. I shopped around for a while and overall they have the best prices per volume. Great company. They were really fast as well.

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My case was a basement purge of 15 years of storage and neglect. This was a huge issue for me to the point I just could not deal with it so it kept accumulating. Finally decided it was time and cal and I was very glad I did .Amazing Companyu

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I used Capital Junk on November 30, 2019. They were on time. The staff was gracious and hard working. It is easier to part with your stuff when they give some to charities has well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you disassemble my exercise equipment?
Of course! Our fully trained staff can disassemble any equipment you are wanting to get rid of. Most exercise equipment is required to be taken apart before it can be safely removed from wherever it is in your home.
Why won’t the city of Ottawa pick up my treadmill as part of regular trash collection?
There are two main reasons why the City of Ottawa does not pick up treadmills, ellipticals, or stationary bicycles. The first reason is that these pieces of exercise equipment are usually well above the weight limit for regular curbside disposal. The second reason is that most of these pieces of equipment are e-waste which makes them ineligible for disposal in a landfill. Contacting Capital Junk is your best bet for getting rid of your old treadmill.
Do you donate any of the old gym equipment you haul away?
Yes, we donate as much of your old gym equipment as we can. If your exercise equipment is still in good shape we will donate it to a local charity. If your exercise equipment is not in good enough shape to be reused, we make sure that as much of it gets recycled as possible. Capital Junk is committed to our community and the environment, and that commitment is reflected in how we dispose of your junk.
How much used gym equipment can you haul away?
Capital Junk can haul away as much gym equipment as you can. Whether it is just one treadmill or several gym locations worth of gear, our junk removal crews are up to the task. Our pricing structure is straightforward and fair: you only pay for as much space your exercise equipment takes on our truck. Book your appointment today!

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