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Thorough & Affordable Renovation Cleanup

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Cleaning Up After a Renovation in Ottawa? Let Us Help!

Renovations are no small task. From planning to execution to cleaning up and making sure the finest details are taken care of, renovations take a lot of energy and focus. Why not delegate the least profitable task? Ottawa renovation cleanup has never been easier, thanks to Capital Junk.

Book with us in advance and we’ll arrive onsite as soon as your renovation is done, cleaning up the mess so that you or your client can enjoy the final result. Construction material, drywall dust and other renovation debris are no problem for our experienced crews. We’ll clean it up and take it all away – no hassle for you, the work is done. You’ve earned it!

We’ll Remove the Mess So Your Renovation Can Shine

Renovation cleanup begins long before the renos are underway. Whether you’re an Ottawa homeowner or property manager doing some DIY, or you’re a contractor doing home renovations or an office remodel, there’s bound to be a pretty big mess at the end. When planning the renovation, anticipate what it might look like, then book a day and time for Capital Junk to perform a construction cleanout.

We’re a leader in Ottawa renovation cleanup, with the junk removal experience it takes to clean up the site and haul away everything safely so that your renovation is left nice and clean. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate – then when you’re ready, you’ll have a 2-hour window with a 15-minute call when our crew is nearing your location. Count on Capital Junk for an Ottawa renovation cleanup and junk removal that’s second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need renovation cleanup? Doesn't the renovation company handle that?
While it would be nice if renovation companies and contractors cleaned up after they were done, it is not always the case! Building and cleaning are two completely different skill sets and while your contractors might be great at putting up drywall, a fence, or a new patio, sometimes they can leave behind messes which are too big or unpleasant to deal with yourself. That’s where Capital Junk comes in. If you have a mess or a bunch of materials left over from a construction project, give us a call and we will haul them away for you. Don’t stress about piles of trash or heaps of discarded construction materials – call Capital Junk today. We give free estimates and will haul away your junk quickly and professionally.
Is breathing in drywall dust dangerous?
After renovations in your home, you might be wondering if breathing in drywall dust is dangerous. According to studies, over time breathing the dust from drywall compounds may cause persistent throat or airway irritation, coughing, phlegm production, and breathing difficulties which are similar to asthma. Smokers or people with sinus or respiratory conditions may risk more serious health problems. While it is unlikely for you to encounter any serious health problems from short term exposure to drywall dust, longer term exposure is of greater concern. On top of cleaning out the bulkier items in your home or business after a renovation, Capital Junk also cleans up drywall dust to ensure you do not encounter any health problems as a result of it. If your home or business has just undergone renovations and needs cleaning, call Capital Junk today. We can clean your newly renovated space and make it look better than new!
What size of renovation cleanup jobs do you do?
At Capital Junk, we tackle renovation cleanup jobs of all sizes. Pricing depends on the amount of junk hauled away so no matter how big or how small the job is, you can count on us to get it done. Whether you only need to haul away 1/6th of a truck or multiple trucks worth of trash from your renovation job, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free estimate!
Do you do cleanups for contracting/renovation companies?
In addition to helping homeowners and business owners clean up after DIY construction jobs, we are also happy to offer our services to contracting companies as well. Contractors usually don’t like the time consuming process of cleaning up after a job, preferring to finish up and continue on to the next job. Stay focused on your core activities of construction and renovation and let us take care of the cleaning. Leaving a perfectly clean space after you renovate is a great way to ensure your clients are loyal, leave good reviews, and tell their friends about your services. If you are a contractor looking to have someone clean up after you finish renovations, give Capital Junk a call today. We can help!
Is your post-renovation team insured?
On top of being highly professional, our entire post-renovation cleanup team is fully licensed & insured so you can trust that there will be no issues with your newly renovated space. We take great pride in a job well done and even though we are insured we take the utmost care to ensure there is no damage whatsoever while we work. That’s why we are the trusted renovation cleanup experts.

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