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Secure Data Destruction


You have a legal obligation to keep the sensitive and private information of your clients, employees and business from falling into the wrong hands. Remain compliant with our data destruction packages.

We use a clearly defined process to make sure all data and devices are completely destroyed. Our recycling solutions provide peace of mind accountability, to ensure your company’s data is completely destroyed and there is no chance of a breach.

Our process will destroy the data on:

Hard Drive Shredding
Hard Drive Crushing
Tape and Disc Destruction
Removable Media Destruction (Disc Drive’s memory cards)
Backup magnetic tapes
Obsolete Zip and Floppy discs
Retired Server hard drives
Computer hard drives
Photocopier hard drives
Optical Media
Other miscellaneous computer parts when applicable

We also destroy product samples, prototypes and clothing so you keep your competitive edge and ensure your brand is protected.


Yes, you can, but it is not the same as our data destruction. Formatting a hard drive will create space on the disc, but the old data, files and directory structure are still accessible through file recovery software. In fact, MIT recovered a shocking 92.4% of sensitive data from used hard drives.

If your products are worth thousands of dollars and you don’t want to see components or the whole lot of products on sale on Ebay or the grey market, you need to utilize our destruction services.

Maximum Level Destruction

Complete destruction of material into 1” particles
100% Guarantee that data is never recreated or accessed
Itemized Certificate of Destruction
Secured chain of custody process
A log of manufacturer name, serial number and quantity for each device
Pricing depends on the number and volume of items to be destroyed

Medium Level Destruction

Items are destroyed in large chunks
100% Guarantee that data is never recreated or accessed
A log of manufacturer name, serial number and quantity for each device

Less rigorous process costs 40% less than the Maximum Level


The best way to firm up an estimate for your data destruction is to send us a list of all the items and model numbers and we can price the destruction. When we arrive on-site, our professionals check off your items and we’ll provide an up-front price for the physical removal plus the destruction.
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Reliable Service: Guarantee that your sensitive data is unrecoverable by being physically destroyed
Fast & Simple: We respond right away to your inquiries and quickly get the ball rolling
Affordable: Only a few bucks per hard drive
Eco-Friendly Recycling: Following the destruction of your items, we recycle the debris through approved partners to reduce your carbon footprint